The Punch is the most versatile standard tool of every Edwards Ironworker. Applications are unlimited! Round, square, oblong rectangular, hex and custom shapes are available in sizes from 1/8" through 4".

Our handy Pedestal Die Table is standard on 25 Ton through 100 Ton Ironworkers.

Whether your application calls for one of our stocked Punch and Die Sets, Oversize Punch Assembly or our 241 Punch Assembly, Edwards has the Punch tooling to get your job done.

Bar Shear

Located in the center of the machine, our Flat Bar Shear is the backbone of every Edwards Ironworker 40 Ton and up. From 10" to 24" in width, each Ironworker houses the best shear for its capacity, adding time-saving to the list of benefits of your Edwards Ironworker. See machine specifications for the Flat Bar Shear details.

Our durable blades are machined out of hardened S7 tool steel. They are reversible and designed to last.

Angle Shear

Every fabricator needs an Angle Shear. This versatile tool, standard on every Edwards Ironworker 40 Ton and up, makes quick business of shearing both thin and thick steel angle. Use our Angle Shear to shave hours out of your fabrication time.

Our durable blades are machined out of hardened S7 tool steel. Each top blade features two cutting edges to accomodate for different material thicknesses. Bottom blades have four cutting edges to allow for flipping, greatly extending the life of your blades.

Coper Notcher

Coper Notcher tooling, also known as a Nibbler, creates anything from a small nibble to a large notch out of plate or angle. Our three sizes of Coper Notchers are designed to uniquely maximize the capacity and utility of each Ironworker. When versatility is key, our Coper Notcher is indispensable.

The Coper Notcher is standard on 50 Ton, 60 Ton, 65 Ton, 75 Ton, 100 Ton Deluxe, 120 Ton and ELITE 110|65 Ironworkers. See your machine specifications for details.

Order the Coper Notcher as an optional tooling accessory on the 25 Ton, 40 Ton, 55 Ton, 100 Ton, ELITE 68 and ELITE 110 Ironworkers.

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